The Australian Cobberdog

This new breed in development has a unique genetic blueprint. The original goal of the founders of the Australian Cobberdog, was to breed trainable, smart, social, healthy, low-shedding and allergy friendly therapy or assistance dogs.

Our Cobbers

Cobber is Australian slang for a close friend or companion,

which is an accurate description of the ACD. They are very social, loving,...

and they make true friends for life!





Our Family

We are a family with 2 teenage girls cats and  Cobberdogs. We are  living in St. Gallen Switzerland just by the forest but still very close to downtown St. Gallen.

I work partime as a midwife and as a hobby I have what I do already which is beeing outdoors and being a mum and friend to humans and animals.

We love beeing outdoors and indoors with our calm animal companions. The reason of having dogs is simple. I grew up with a dog and its now time to have them back in my life. They make my day go bright, they make me smile and laugh, they make me go outdoors in every weather and most of all they learn me to enjoy the simple things in life. Its simple I love my cobberdogs to bits.

The Australian Cobberdog

The 'experiment' that started in 1980: to breed trainable, smart, social, healthy, non-shedding and allergy friendly therapy or assistance dogs. We keep working on the breed, improving flaws and fine tuning their exceptional qualities. All this under close supervision of the original founders and the MDBA, Master Dog Breeders and Associates, responsible for the studbook of the Australian Cobberdog. The MDBA explains this here


Cobberdog comes in 3 sizes, from mini to standard size. We breed all 3 sizes small medium (42 cm - 12 kg), medium and standard  (+ 55 cm) sized Cobberdogs.


Cobberdog can have a variety of colours and there are

3 different coat types:

Curly,Wavy and Straight Fleece. We are aiming to breed easy to maintain  straight fleece coats